Playing a little “Catch-Up”!

Well, I can certainly say that things have been very busy over the last number of months. Here are some of the events that I’ve been so happy to have been able to be a part of.ImageKG1A5773


A couple photos from a winter’s 30th anniversary photo session for Cathy & Jose.

Here are some shots from a number of weddings since August…..IMG_3443 IMG_3296 KG1A2930 KG1A7776 KG1A7464 KG1A0331 KG1A0380 KG1A1226 KG1A1285 KG1A1517 KG1A1761 KG1A4756 IMG_5155 KG1A4629 IMG_1570 KG1A4947 KG1A4988 KG1A1939 KG1A1991 KG1A2838 KG1A8900 KG1A8024


Casey & Charley’s Springwood Wedding – August 10, 2013

KG1A2448Wow, Saturday was a perfect day for a perfect wedding. Casey & Charley exchanged vows at the gorgeous Springwood Conference Center in Verona PA. I had a wonderful time photographing this great couple. Here are a few shots from a picture perfect day.IMG_0623IMG_2555IMG_0658IMG_2524KG1A2035 IMG_2582IMG_0645 KG1A2178IMG_0628 IMG_0580 File0076

Neil Walker Youth Baseball Camp 8-5-13 ProCamps

Great day last Monday shooting another sports camp, this time for home town favorite Neil Walker, star second baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The looks in the kids eyes that attended the camp when Neil walked on the field was priceless. Just a super day all around. And of course,….LET’S GO BUCS!

IMG_0160  IMG_0193 IMG_2408IMG_0114 IMG_2435 KG1A1170 KG1A1275 KG1A1281 KG1A1294 KG1A1410 KG1A1551 KG1A1673 KG1A1674KG1A1677

Ben Roethlisber Youth Football Camp

I had a great time shooting for the Ben Roethlisber Youth Football Camp. There were 508 campers participating in the camp, largest camp ever for Ben. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben’s parents and his wife with their 7 month old son, super folks.

To see the looks on the kids faces when Ben walked out on the filed was priceless. The 508 kids were spread out across the football field, as well as 2 practice fields, one on each side of the football field, located at Seneca H.S. in Harmony PA.

IMG_8586 KG1A5609 IMG_1466 IMG_8845KG1A6021  IMG_8853 KG1A6066 KG1A6075 KG1A6205 KG1A6263 KG1A6373

Steeler Head Coach Mike Tomiln Youth Football Camp

I had the great pleasure of being hired to photograph Mike Tomlin’s Youth Football Camp on June 13th & 14th. The camp was held at Brashear High School and is run by Procamps. Throughout the 2 days, Coach Tomlin was a hands on coach, and a true inspiration to the kids that attended. The kids that attended were treated to experience of getting instruction and inspiration from the man who was the youngest head NFL coach to win a Superbowl. And the cost to attend this event for the kids…..$0. That’s right, free. I tip my hat to Coach Tomlin and the entire staff at Procamps for a terrific job!

Mike Tomlin KG1A4687 Lauren Vero, Mike Tomlin, Fred Vero IMG_8321 Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin Ryan Vero & Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin